"We are offering two types of training programme. One in 2 years B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) Course and another one is 2 years D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) course."

D.El.Ed ( Diploma in Elementary Education ):

The Diploma in Elementary Education (D. EI. Ed) is a two year professional programme of teacher education. It aims to prepare teacher for the elementary stage of education, i.e. classes I to VIII. The aim of elementary education is to fulfil the basic learning needs of children in a inclusive school environment bridging social and gender gaps with the active participation of the community.
The elementary teacher education program carries different nomenclatures such a BTC, J.B.T, D.Ed and (Diploma in Education). Henceforth, the nomenclatures of the program shall be the same across all states and it shall be referred to as the ‘Diploma in Elementary Education (D. EI. Ed).

Course Duration: The D.EI.ED programme shall be of a duration of two academic years. However, the student shall be permitted to complete the programme within a maximum period of three year from the date of admission to the programme.

Intake: The basic unit shall be of 50 students.

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education):

The Bachelor of Education program, generally known as B.ED, is a professional course that prepares teacher for upper primary and middle level (class VI-VIII), secondary level (classes IX -X) and senior secondary level classes (XI-XII).The program shall be offered in composite institution as defined in clause (b) of regulation 2.

Course Duration: The B.ED program shall be of a duration of two academic years, which can be complete in a maximum of three years from date of admission to the programme.

Intake: There shall be a basic unit of 100 students.