Library Facility

"Bad libraries build collection, Good libraries build services, Great libraries build communities."

The college has well equipped library with more than 55 hundred Books. Apart from text Books, General books, Reference Books, Encyclopedias educational research Journal, magazines and newspaper. The Students are expected to make maximum use of the library. To keep the books in Circulation and make them available to all students the withdrawal of books will be governed by the following rules.
D.El.Ed. 3 Books at a time B.Ed 3 Books at a time, Staff 5 Books at a time

These Books cannot be retained for more than 15 days. The Books in short supply may be loaned for a week only. These Books must be renewed after two weeks and three weeks by the students and staff respectively.

The Borrower will check and point out if there is any page missing of other damage to the books at the time of borrowing, after you have got them issued in your name then it is your responsibility to return them in proper form. Never write, scribble, underline or tear the page of a book otherwise disfigured books will not be accepted by the librarian. Reference, Rare, Reserve books are very costly and periodicals shall not be issued. These be consulted with in library premises.

Every student must be in possession of this Identity-cum-library card while in college.
If the card is lost a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 30.

Library Assets -

Types of Book Total Books For B.Ed. For D.El.Ed.
General Books 3,692 Nos. 2,921 Nos 770 Nos
Referance books 986 Nos 855 Nos 131 Nos
Journals 11 Nos 9 Nos 2 Nos
Encyclopedia 22 nos -
Dictionaries 36 Nos - -
Magazines 72 -

Planning for computerization Library was initiated in the year 2021. Data entry has started for library documents from 2004. Issue-return service and record keeping for issue-return have experimentally been introduced from the year 2018 only for the students. The computerised issue-return service in the Library will started from end of 2022.