Laboratory Facility

Laboratories are one of the characteristic features of education at all levels. It would be rare to find any education course without a substantial component of laboratory activity.  It is taken for granted that experiment work is a fundamental part of education course. Thus the development of experiment skills among the students is often a suggested justification. Enabling students to personally experience the joy of discovering principles and relationships. Allowing students to actually engage in doing rather than being a passive observer or recipient of knowledge in the learning process.Our laboratories are well equipped with required instruments and other materials.

  • Psychology Laboratory

    We have a psychology lab that trains the students in applying the knowledge of principles of educational psychology and techniques to facilitate optimum development of integrated personality. It provides First-hand experience to students teachers in conducting psychological aspects applicable to classroom teaching-learning situations.

  • Social Science Laboratory

    This Laboratory introduces students in the conduct of political, social and economical research using quantitative methodologies. It also enhances the knowledge of geography and the horizon of everyday world. Different types of Maps, Charts, and Models are obtained in the Lab.

  • Language Laboratory

    The aim of Language lab is developing the communicative skills of the Students. Well equipped English lab available. English Lab is having "Lingua phone", Audio equipments with headsets and is helping the students to develop their English pronunciation and teaching method. It supports English methodology students to feel more comfortable in their practice sessions..

  • Computer laboratory

    We are having 10 computers with multimedia software and internet facility; UPS with back up facility for 24 hours.It is Computer Lab miniuseful for making the powerpoint presentations for the teacher students under the subject Information and Communication Technology.

  • Science Laboratory

    There is an opportunity to make chemistry real, to illustrate ideas and concepts, to expose theoretical ideas to empirical testing, to teach new chemistry and as a source of evidence in enquiry and to learn how to devise experiments which offer genuine insights into chemical phenomena. It helps to learn the skills of observation and the skills of deduction and interpretation. The Intellectual stimulation is connections with the "real world".